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John Graf is the most talented photographer I have worked with! His photography is art and every picture is a masterpiece each worth 1000 words. I am honored to have worked with him but even more privileged to call him a friend! Thank you John you're awesome!
--Yael Markovich
headshot yael markovich ĎJohn Graf is a consummate professional, and a pleasure to work with. Iíve had headshots done on both coasts and in Europe, and Johnís friendly demeanor, patience, and creative ideas gave me not only great headshots, but a reason to refer him.í John would be a bargain at twice his going rate.
--Mark Hopkins
 (Actor-TV Producer-DJ)
headshot mark hopkins

headshot jessica sIf you've ever felt uncomfortable in front of the camera during a photo-shoot, John Graf will CURE you. You'll enjoy being yourself, find the humor or the comfort to achieve whatever you hoped from your photos, because John helps you take the attention off yourself, with his down-to-earth manner. If that sounds like a contradiction, think about it: we're most nervous when we're aware others are taking notice. Well, John's way of engaging you -- not only in conversation, but everything useful about the environment around you -- leaves you no time to be self-conscious. He's truly the only photographer I've ever laughed from my whole toes with during a shoot. If you think I'm kidding, feel free to ask John to show you my "before & after" snapshot we took while talking about what our shoot was going to entail. But don't confuse good humor with a lack of professionalism, in this case. John's a pro in every sense of the word. He doesn't pose you (unless you ask) but knows which angles, lighting, and presentation flatter you most - just by observing who you are. He's a 20+-year veteran, with an arsenal of portfolios to prove that his subjects - from the most timid to the most exotic personalities - felt at ease in front of his lens. John loves photography, and you'll love John's.
-- Jessica S. (Actress)

headshot kelly sullivanBeing photographed by John graf is an ecstatic experience. No one in the world makes me laugh more than John Graf. With most photographers I've worked with I have to try really hard to think of a reason to laugh or smile for the camera...not so with John Graf---actually the hardest part of the shoot is trying to look serious because I'm cracking up the whole time. He is the most creative and spontaneous photographer I've ever worked with...and my favorite photos have come from my shoots with him---people have actually purchased them and hang them on their walls as art! You absolutely ROCK, MR. GRAF!!!!!
--Kelly Sullivan Walden (Hypnotherapist-Dream Coach)

661glamourshots model christina vitulliThank you John so very much for the recent work you did for me. You are absolutely AMAZING at what you do! I have never EVER worked with a photographer who has made every situation as comfortable and as much fun as you do! I actually don't think I've laughed that hard in years.....you should have your own comedy show on the side, you nut..ha ha! I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I've been receiving on my photos. My friends are so impressed with the angles you captured of me. You took what I said about my particular insecurities at certain angels and worked your magic with whatever it is you do with lighting and all those other tricks you have up your sleeve. You made me feel so beautiful and even more confident because of the result of these grrrrrrreat pics John, thank you! I look forward to seeing you again and shooting at some new and beautiful locations.
Thank you

--Christina Vitulli (Model)   "Your biggest fan"

I have tried several professional photographers, but no one comes close to the vision and quality of John Graf's work. I have booked all of my jobs because of the amazing pictures John has done for me. Along with his hard work, dedication and artistry, his great personality made it easy for me to be comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend John for anyone looking for fantastic pictures!

 --Joseph R. (Actor-Musician)

headshot alan prampton John is great to work with ! Creative, easy going, and totally professional.
My shots came out beautiful! I would work with John, Anytime!

--Terrie Velazquez
(Film Hair Stylist)

photography with terrie velasquez

headshot 661glamourshots katie surf instructor "John was very fun to work with, he made me feel comfortable with his silliness and funny jokes the whole day, yet still was very professional. I have done 2 photo shoots with him, 1 personal, and 1 with a group, and even the group had fun and a great time with John and loved him and his work. John will even photoshop your imperfections out, say a love-handle or a pimple... haha... he will make you look hot! I definitely want to have another photoshoot in the near future with John for sure."

--Katie, 25, (Pro Surfer-Instructor-Musician)

Not only is John a great photographer, he's a master at lighting as well. In his photos, you always end up looking so much better than you ever thought you would! Since we first worked together years ago, I've never let anyone else take my picture.
--Ronilyn Reilly
(TV and Radio Personality)
headshot ronilyn reilly I did headshots with John Graf, and he is amazing. He is very professional, very kind, and a very good photographer! I recommend him to everyone!

TJ Myers (Actress)

headshot actress tj myers

headshot brook kadjasMy first time nude modeling experience with John Graf. Having never done something like this before, I was initially nervous and didn't know what to expect and how to pose. John made the experience so comfortable and so much fun and it shows through the pictures. By the end of the day, I felt like a professional model!

--Brook (Bonniwell) Kajdas (Nurse)

testimonial nancy sirianni
John took some awesome shots of me in one of the most fun photo sessions I ever did! I think his genuine love of "finding the moment" is what makes him a stand-out - he seems to be always looking
for something, never just snapping away at the subject before him. The environment and the mood are integral to his work, a story in each photograph he takes. All you need to do is look at his varied portfolio to know that he offers something very special to all who seek his "eye". I love me some  John Graf!

- Nancy Sirianni (Actress-Musician-Singer/Songwriter)

661glamour shoot with gypsy sheldonIf you decide to take photographs with John Graf, first, be prepared to laugh until your sides ache! John has been shooting my photos for 18 years and it has always been a pleasure. John has a way of making a person feel comfortable even in the most uncomfortable of circumstances. Not to mention, that no other person has ever been able to capture me the way he has. No one has ever taken a better photograph of me than John Graf. Goofy, cheazy, hilarious, trust-worthy, good-hearted, ridiculous John Graf. I love him!

Gypsy Sheldon Singer-Songwriter, Fellow Goof-Ball

headshot 661glamourshots jeanette I loved shooting with John. He is upbeat, fun, and made me feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. I got wonderful pictures for my website through John, and I intend to shoot with him again. Best of all, he has a great eye and will spend time getting the best shots. He doesn't just "fly" through a photo session, which is so important in capturing a great photo. Thanks so much John!!!

Jeanette (Physical Trainer) www.committedfitness.com


661glamourshots headshot of Jen KernerI feel so lucky to know John Graf. Taking photos with him is SUCH a breath of fresh air! He makes taking photos FUN for me. He's the only photographer I've ever worked with who makes me feel 100% comfortable; besides being totally professional, he has a fun outlook and is super-friendly and creative. Not only are my photos the best with him, his follow-up after the photo session is commendable. I get my pictures quickly and he's always willing to touch up blemishes or add cool images with photoshop if I want him to. Would I recommend John for headshots or other types of photos? ABSOLUTELY. I will never go to anyone else after working with John Graf. I consider him "my photographer"... and my friend!

--Jen Kerner (Actress / Musician)

I began working with John Graf in 1991. I've done countless photo shoots with him since then including many nude sessions. John has always been very professional and I've never felt uncomfortable during our shoots. He makes sure you are never uncovered any more than is necessary for the shots he is doing. John is very respectful of you and your body. One of the many things I love about working with him is that he welcomes new ideas that you may have during the shoots. Mr. Graf makes you feel that your ideas are just as important as his. Many photographers I have worked with make you feel like a child who should just shut up and pose. I have never gotten good pictures from the ego filled photographers . John gives 110% into his photo shoots and makes you at ease every step of the way. Recently John has shot pictures of my children. I don't even know if they knew they were having their pictures taken. He just let them have fun and caught it all beautifully in pictures. John has remained such a great friend through the years and to anyone who hires him.. I promise...you won't be disappointed. Thanks so much John.

 Happy client and LONG TIME friend Christina Dunn ( Model and Mother) :o)

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